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A Brief Overview of Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Why They’re Gaining in Popularity

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PTAC systems If you’ve just recently heard about packaged air terminal air conditioners, which are more commonly referred to as PTACs, then you may wonder what they are, who they work for, and whether or not it’s the right choice for you. At AC-World we offer several affordable air conditioning options – including several PTAC choices . Read on to learn more and then contact us if you have questions.

The applications most suited for PTAC

Some of the more common places you’ll see PTAC in use are hotels, apartments, and motels. Essentially, anywhere that a single zone needs to be cooled and there’s an outside wall. They are not well suited to homes with numerous rooms because they are designed to cool a single room at a time.

What’s include in a PTAC

As you may have gathered from the name, investing in a packaged terminal air conditioner is to invest in a single package that comes with everything you need. They always include an air-cooling component, though they often also have heating elements. The package is completely self-contained so that the refrigeration and air-handling systems work seamlessly.

They include decorative grilles

These types of air conditioners are made to be installed through the wall. They include various decorative outdoor grilles so that they aren’t an eye sore. They also come with a lot of options for heating, including both electrical and heat pump. Of course, the heat-pump option has an ambient temperature of just 15 degrees F, so many people in cooler climates will choose an option with electric heat.

Why are PTAC systems becoming more popular?

If you’ve been shopping lately for an air conditioner then you’ve likely run across ductless air conditioning systems and PTAC systems and wondered why they seem to be growing in popularity. When you shop with AC-World, you’ll get a system that’s very easy to install – and it takes no time at all. The operation is very quiet, which is great when needed in an area where people sleep.

They’re also extremely reliable. In fact, the options we sell have one of the best warranties you’ll find on the AC market. These are more advanced than your conventional air conditioner, and they’re sleek and stylish. Finally, they are incredible energy efficient, which makes them a wise investment. Though they’re not perfect for every application, it’s easy to see that PTAC systems are great for a wide range of needs.