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4 Things You Should Insist on From Your Ductless Air Conditioning System

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ductless AC We’re proud to offer a wide range of ductless air conditioners at AC-World. The reason we don’t just carry a few options for you to choose from is because everyone has different needs and we want to ensure that every need is met. We always have an experienced staff standing by to help you figure out which unit is best for your home or business, but there are four things we think every potential customer should insist on when buying a ductless HVAC system.

1. You need a unit that offers power

One of the first things you should do is figure out how much power you need. Our units range in what’s known as “BTUs”, which is just a way of measuring how much power they give out. Not everyone needs the highest number of BTUs available, but not everyone can get by on the lowest number. To figure out what size you need, work with the staff at AC-World .

2. You need a unit that’s easy to operate

If you get a unit that can supposedly do everything you need, but it’s impossible to operate, then it won’t do you much good at all. We suggest looking for a unit that comes with a remote control that’s simple to use. This ensures that you can install your units anywhere – even high up near the ceiling – without worrying about accessing it.

3. Energy efficiency is a must-have

There are a wide range of reasons that people turn to ductless air conditioning systems, but the fact that they’re energy efficient is certainly one of the most important reasons. That’s why we insist that you insist on a unit that is Energy Star rated and has a SEER rating that’s higher than your typical central air conditioning system

4. Has – or doesn’t have – the smart features you need

If you’re a tech savvy person who always wants the latest gadgets, then you’re going to look for a ductless air conditioning system that’s got all the latest smart features. However, if you prefer your technology simply and easy to use, then you may not want all the bells and whistles. Some available features include a turbo function, a self-cleaning mode, the ability for a unit to self-diagnose problems, and more.

Once again, no matter what you need help with, from finding the right unit to installing it, AC World is here to help.