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Test Yourself: Do You Know the Advantages of a Ductless Air Conditioning Unit?

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ductless air conditioner These days, there’s a lot of chatter about ductless air conditioning units. At AC World, we’ve offered these units for years, and they’ve been popular overseas for decades. However, they’ve just recently become popular in the United States. As you consider all your AC and heating options, make sure ductless air conditioning units are in the mix. Before deciding that it is or isn’t right for you, test yourself to see if you truly know the advantages of these units.

Do you know what a ductless air conditioner and / or heat pump is?

First and foremost, do you know what these units are and what they do? Typically, a ductless AC or heat pump unit consists of two parts. First, there’s the indoor unit that’s mounted to your wall, and second there’s a compressor located outside. In most cases, this option is selected instead of a window unit or baseboard heating or cooling.

Do you know how visible these units are?

When comparing a ductless system to a window unit, the first thing to consider is that a ductless system only requires a tiny hole to be dripped in the wall – instead of taking up the entire window. This means that your home is less vulnerable to the dreaded air leakage that can make window units so inefficient, as well as the security issues that can come with them.

Additionally, a ductless unit isn’t as visible or ugly as a window unit, and it’s not nearly as loud. That all adds up to some pretty big advantages.

Do you know how energy efficient they are?

One of the reasons people often turn to AC World for their air conditioning needs is because they want to improve their home’s energy efficiency as much as possible. Remember that in an average home, you’re losing as much as 25% of the energy you’re using through your ductwork.

Just removing those ducts from the equation and using a ductless system can mean your system is significantly more efficient. These systems also have inverter-driven compressors, which means that they can speed up or slow down quickly based on how much the system needs them – instead of turning off entirely like a central AC unit would. Since a ton of energy is used to start up the compressor, this can lead to a big savings.