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6 Reasons a PTAC May Be the Right Air Condition System for You

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PTAC systems If you’re looking for a way to cool single rooms, such as those in hotels, motels, or apartments, then a PTAC system (which stands for packaged terminal air conditioning) may be the best choice for you. Here are six reasons that AC-World recommends them in some cases.

1. You get quality that can’t be beat

If you invest in a PTAC system from AC-World, you can count on it being the highest possible quality. We only use the best components and materials. For example, Panasonic compressors – the most trusted name in the industry – are used in these Ramsond products we offer.

2. They are incredible quiet

Think about the last time you stayed in a hotel room with a through-the-wall air conditioner? What do you most remember about it? If you’re like most people, you likely remembered that it was incredibly loud. These PTAC systems are specifically made to be much quieter than your conventional air conditioner. This is accomplished by incorporation air flow blades that are shaped similarly to saw teeth. This reduces the vibration, which ensures that they run quietly.

3. They include decorative grilles

These types of air conditioners are made to be installed through the wall. They include various decorative outdoor grilles so that they aren’t an eye sore. They also come with a lot of options for heating, including both electrical and heat pump. Of course, the heat-pump option has an ambient temperature of just 15 degrees F, so many people in cooler climates will choose an option with electric heat.

4. Multi-fold evaporators have several advantages

These systems use multi-fold evaporators, which enlarges the surface area on which heat is dissipated. What does this mean? It means that the units are more energy efficient and they’re smaller than you think.

5. They include washable filters

Yet another way these units can help you reduce your bottom line is by including integrated dual particle filters that are washable. They’re gray, they resist mold, they resist dust, and they filter out particles. They’re located on the front panel to ensure that there’s fresher air circulation. What’s more, when it’s time to replace them, just pull it out, wash it, and reinstall it. It couldn’t be easier or more affordable.

6. There is a lot of control

These units feature a wide range of controls, including a timer, quiet operation mode, auto diagnosis in the event of an issue, heating, and independent dehumidifier in the event you don’t want the heating or cooling on but you do want to remove humidity.

If you have questions about these or other cooling products, reach out to AC-World today!