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Winter is the Perfect Time for Schools and Businesses to Update Their AC Units

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Now that winter is swiftly coming upon us, whether we want it to or not, AC-World would like to recommend all of our customers, both residential and commercial, that now may be the right time for you to update your air conditioning unit. This is true for everyone, and the following points apply to most of our customers, but today we’re taking a close look at the reasons that schools and businesses may benefit especially from updating their AC units.

Save money by replace ACs before you have to

If you wait until your AC unit absolutely has to be replaced, then you’re likely to wait until the last minute – which means you’ll be at the mercy of what’s available. This can make it impossible to get a good deal or to do the amount of research necessary to find the right models and options for your individual needs. Instead of finding the closest contractor to replace what you have with something similar, buying off season allows you to look into innovative, energy-saving options like ductless air conditioning.

Avoid costly mistakes by planning installation weeks or months in advance

When you’re trying to make a significant change in a school, business, or other high-traffic area, even the simplest mistake can lead to a huge loss in income or huge cost. For example, if you plan to have an HVAC system installed over the weekend at a school, but the installation doesn’t go as planned, you could be dealing with some terrible possibilities including canceling classes while it’s repaired, renting alternative facilities, etc. When you have plenty of advance warning, you can have contingencies in place.

You can complete the switchover during non-peak times

Schools that are looking to replacing their air conditioners can do it over winter break, which means they won’t have to interrupt and disrupt students at all. It’s true that most businesses don’t have weeks off for the holidays, but depending on what industry they’re in, the holidays may be a slower time of year when more employees take time off. If that’s true, then this is a great time to replace their AC units.

If your school or business is considering changing your air conditioner then you should consider working with AC-World. We offer direct-to-the-consumer products with prices that will surprise you. Reach out to us today to get started.