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Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

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ductless air conditioning Do you have a loud air conditioner? Whether it’s a central AC unit that makes a racket when it’s turned on, or it’s a window unit that’s louder than your TV is, a loud air conditioner can be quite a pain. The good news is that there are options out there. At AC-World, we offer an innovative solution: Virtually silent ductless air conditioning systems.

Your standard air conditioner is loud because the motor has an average heat index of 105 degrees. It’s true that technology has improved quite a bit in the last few decades, but AC units are still very loud. There are ways to make a central AC unit quieter, such as add extra insulation, but this can be an incredibly expensive project.

If you’re using a window or portable air conditioner, then there are a few ways you can try to keep the noise to a minimum. Maintenance can make a small difference. For example, make sure your fan is clean. This will make it run a little more quietly than an AC with a dirty fan.

If your motor needs to be lubricated, then it may make a noise that’s similar to humming or grinding. In some cases, the motor may be unsealed and you can apply lubrication yourself. You’ll want to use SAE 10 oil and put it in the oil ports.

Window ACs also vibrate when they’re on. Over time, this vibration can lead to screws coming loose so take a look around and see if your AC has this problem. Finally, check your coil fins. If they’re clogged with dirt then the unit may become noisy.

The best long-term solution to a noisy air conditioner

While the above tips may help quiet your AC a little bit for a little while, the best option is a ductless air conditioner. The options available at AC-World have a ton of benefits – including the fact that they’re virtually silent. Say goodbye to turning the TV volume up every time you turn on the AC, and say goodbye to waking up babies and others with the sounds of the air conditioner.

As we mentioned, there are lots of other benefits to these air conditioners, including the fact that they’re incredibly energy efficient, they don’t require you to install ducts, and they allow you to control the temperatures in various rooms in different ways. AC-World is here to help with all your ductless AC and heating needs.