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Why is Ductless AC Gaining Traction Throughout the U.S.?

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ductless AC At AC-World, we’re not surprised by how quickly ductless air conditioning has gained popularity but others are. Typically, it’s because they’re not aware of the many advantages of these options. They’re easy to install for both commercial and residential users, and they extend well beyond a single zone.

The shift from single-zone cooling spots to whole-home solutions

Ductless systems allow contractors to install more systems while using less time. That helps them to meet their deadlines, stay within budget, and make customers happy. These are just some of the reasons there’s been such a big shift from single-zone heating and cooling options to whole-home – and even whole-building solutions.

Multi-zone is the biggest trend

There are numerous types of ductless air conditioning and heating systems, but the experts agree that the biggest trend has been multi-zone systems. The main difference is that with a single-zone ductless unit , there’s one exterior unit and one interior unit. On the other hand, with a multi-zone system, you have one system outside and up to five units inside. Contractors love this option because they can install it for a much lower cost than the typical air zoning system.

Changes in capabilities are on the way

In the past, multi-zone options were essentially limited to two-zone and five-zone systems. This worked for a wide variety of people but there were limits to it. Nowadays, you can find systems with three and four zones as well. They can be mounted right to the wall, virtually concealed in the ceiling, and the outdoor units can be essentially covered as well.

Flexibility is the key

It’s easy to see that flexibility is here in spades, which is why consumers love these systems. If they want to cool just one room in their house, they can do that. If they want their entire home cooled, then they can use units in each room. It also allows them to set different temperatures in different rooms.

Most everyone knows the frustration of trying to use a central cooling system in a home where one room is always hotter than the others. Do you stay hot in one room and comfortable in the others, or be comfortable in that hotter room and freeze in the others? Multi-zone units solve these touchy issues. For more information on the many options available to your home or business, let AC-World help!