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Which Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner Type is Best for Your Needs?

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If you’re searching for a packaged terminal air conditioner (otherwise known as a PTAC) for your home or office, then you have two main options: Heat pumps and electric heat. Neither one is best for everyone. Instead, you’ll need to consider your specific goals and choose the one that will work best for you. At AC-World we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

The advantages and disadvantages of heat pump PTACs

PTACs that utilize heat pumps are usually more expensive upfront, but generally not prohibitively so. For example, they may cost around $60 or $70 more than an option with electric heat. However, over the lifetime of the air conditioner, you could actually save significantly because a heat pump is much more energy efficient.

Another disadvantage of heat pumps is that they’re not quite as powerful as an electric heat option when they’re heating rooms in cold winters. However, if you’re just buying your PTAC to use for AC in the summer, then a heat pump is likely good enough for you. That said, if you live in an area with particularly cold winters and will need your heat pump for months out of the year, then it’s likely not the right choice.

As a result, at AC-World we recommend the electric heat PTAC for customers who want a very energy efficient option and who don’t plan to use their unit in winter or will rarely use it in winter.

The advantages and disadvantages of electric heat PTACs

You’ll use more energy with an electric heat PTAC but it will have a lower upfront cost. They’re also a little bit quieter than your heat pump unit, but this is only a concern for people who are very sensitive to sound. The main reason to choose this option though is not because it’s cheaper or quieter but because it works much better for heating in the winter.

If you need a packaged terminal air conditioner that will serve you year round and you live in a colder climate, then you’ll likely want an electric heat option. It will work even on the coldest of nights and is a great all-purpose option. We recommend it for those who want their PTAC to serve as both a heater and an air conditioner.

Do you still have questions about your options? If so, reach out to AC-World. We’re here to put our years of experience to good use for you!