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What Does DoE Say About Ductless Mini Splits?

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split-ac.jpg There’s a lot of buzz about ductless mini split air conditioners, but many homeowners who have never heard of them until recently are concerned. How can they tell if they’re just a fad or if they’re the right choice for their air conditioning upgrade? One great unbiased source is Energy.gov. They’ve compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages under the heading “Energy Saver”: DUCTLESS MINI-SPLIT AIR CONDITIONERS .

The advantages of ductless mini split air conditioners

The article lists a number of advantages to ductless systems but notes that the biggest advantage is that they’re small and can be easily zoned for heating or cooling individual rooms, instead of one unit for the entire house.

It also talks about how much easier it is to install a ductless system compared to other units. They give one great example: the hook-up between your indoor units and outdoor units generally only requires a three-inch hole through the wall for the conduit to travel through. It goes on to note that many manufacturers of these systems offer numerous lengths for conducting conduits so the outdoor unit could be placed as far away as 50 feet from the evaporator inside.

The biggest advantage for energy-efficient homeowners is that the lack of ducts means that there’s no energy loss you’d normally see with central forced air. This can result in a savings on energy of up to 30% - and even more if the ducts are located in an attic or other unconditioned spaces.

Finally, they point out that ductless systems provide more flexible options in interior design. They air handlers you’ll need inside can be suspended from your ceiling, mounted straight to the ceiling, or even hung on the wall. In fact, there are even floor-standing models. The majority of these units that go inside are only seven inches deep and have high-tech looking jackets.

Many options also come with a remote control which means you can easily control it to turn it on or off or adjust the temperature even if it’s high on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. Keep in mind one final advantage: they can keep your home safer. Consider the much larger holes needed for window units and you’ll see that a small hole to let out a tube doesn’t include the same safety risks.

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