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What Do Consumers Really Want in an Air Conditioning System?

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ductless air conditioning A recent survey of 1,500 homeowners in the United States asked them what they’re looking for when they’re buying heating and cooling systems. The survey also asked about their experiences with contractors and what might prevent them from upgrading to a new system if they have a system that’s older and not working as well. The results of the survey were interesting, to say the least.

First, most homeowners said that high efficiency equipment was very important. This may explain in part why ductless mini-split air conditioners are gaining in popularity. They’re much more energy efficient than your typical air conditioners, since they don’t waste energy cooling down ducts, and because they allow homeowners to cool different areas of their homes to different temperatures – or not at all!

The survey also showed that reliability was a top concern for consumers. This makes sense since most people have experienced issues with air conditioners and they know how disruptive they can be. It also makes sense since the third most important thing to consumers, according to the survey, is an air conditioner that provides maximum comfort. An AC unit that’s reliable is going to also offer the most comfort.

The survey also showed a big difference in preferences depending on the age of the person responding. For example, young professionals wanted HVAC systems with new technologies, like thermostats that let them adjust the cooling or heating from their smartphones. On the other hand, retired folks generally just want a unit that will cool and not only don’t care about these bells and whistles, but actually prefer units that aren’t complicated.

There were a few other priorities that ranked as less important but still made their mark. Many families are looking for AC units that can help control humidity, which makes sense especially in states like Florida but is perhaps not as important to customers in areas like Arizona.

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