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Using Air Fresheners May Not Be as Safe as You Think

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college dorm Many people use air fresheners and never think twice about it. The truth is that they can actually be dangerous in several ways and there are better ways to handle any smell issues in your home. Let’s take a look at why they shouldn’t be used and what can be used instead.

Don’t cover up smells that are trying to tell you something

Most people realize that air fresheners don’t actually clean the air – they just mask odors. This may seem fine, until you consider some of the things that our sense of smell can tell us: there’s mold growth in your home, a gas leak or sewer gas leak is occurring, or there’s smoke in the home. If your home has an unpleasant smell due to any of these issues, then you’ll want to actually address the problem and not just the smell.

Air fresheners may contain hazardous chemicals

Studies have shown that many air fresheners release chemicals that could be hazardous to the health of everyone who lives there. They’ve found links between these chemicals and health issues including birth defects, issues with reproduction, and hormonal abnormalities. Even if an air freshener says it’s all natural or unscented, it can still contain these chemicals.

Air fresheners can be bad for people with asthma

One medical study found that almost 30% of people with asthma say that air fresheners make breathing more difficult and more than 37% of them found the scented products irritating. If anyone in your home has asthma then it may be wise to skip the air fresheners.

How to remove smells without using air fresheners

There are many ways to get rid of smells without using air fresheners. If the issue is a mold or must smell then you likely have some kind of moisture problem. Start by repairing any leaks, increasing ventilation, or otherwise fixing the source of the moisture. Then clean up the mold. The smell should dissipate before too long.

Look at your air conditioner

If you’ve done everything you can to try and remove smells but they just won’t go away, then it may be time to have your ducts cleaned. Your air conditioning and heating ducts can get filled with dust and other particles, could have a leak at any given point, and can make smells travel faster. If you’re sick of the smell altogether, then consider switching to the more energy efficient option that doesn’t have potentially stinky ducts: a mini-split ductless air conditioner. AC-World can help you find the perfect choice for your home or business.