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Tired of Staying Up All Night? How to Improve Your Sleep

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sleep If you’re one of the millions of Americans who wishes they got a better night’s sleep then AC-World is here to help. This is a common problem that can affect every aspect of our daily lives. Luckily, some relatively simple ideas can have a big impact.

Kick your pets out of the bedroom

This can be a tough one – but well worth it. Your pets have dander and even if you’re not allergic to it, it can cause trauma to your nasal passages. In non-allergic folks, it’ll be relatively minor but it can have a much bigger impact at night. Removing them from your bedroom when you sleep can help you prevent coughing and sneezing all night.

Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature

Almost everyone has trouble sleeping when the temperature is too high, which is why we recommend installing a ductless air conditioner that can keep your bedroom cool and cozy. Many of our air conditioners include heat pumps to help you stay warm in cooler months, too. Need help choosing the right option? Just reach out to us and one of our helpful, experienced associates can help.

Wash your sheets on a regular basis

If you’re not washing your sheets at least once a week, then you can bet there are some allergens in your sheets. You can also shower every night right before getting into bed to get rid of any allergens you might have picked up throughout the day.

Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine before bed

Many people think of having a beer or a glass of wine as a great way to wind down before bed. The truth is that it can actually exacerbate your allergies by increasing inflammation. Likewise, caffeine – even in small amounts – can make it much more difficult to fall asleep in a timely manner.

Adjust the humidity in your bedroom

Depending on the time of year and the part of the country you live in, you may need a humidifier or a dehumidifier. If you find that your skin gets dry and itchy during winter months, then adding a humidifier to your bedroom could make a big difference. If you’re feeling hot and sticky even when it’s not that hot outside, then a dehumidifier could help make you more comfortable.

Remember that if you need help adjusting the temperature in your home, AC-World is here to offer a wide range of products at factory-direct prices.