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Take a Closer Look at a Variable Speed HVAC System

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HVAC system Over the last few decades, more than 1.5 million energy-efficient homes have built. Creating an energy-efficient home requires the use of a number of different strategies, including air sealing, using more insulation, and take advantage of emerging technologies. Ductless air conditioning systems are not exactly a new concept, but they are becoming more and more popular in the U.S. in recent years. While you may not initially be particularly excited at the idea, read on to learn why they could be a game changer.

Most heating and cooling systems you’ll find in the United States will have only two modes: On and off. If it’s a hot summer day, then you’ll likely see your AC running a lot more than it’s not. On the other hand, if it’s a spring day that’s relatively cool, it likely won’t run much at all. However, in both of these cases, even when the temperature differs greatly, the AC is just cycling between being on and being off.

Variable HVAC systems are different because they have numerous modes. Think of it like this: When you’re in your car, you can set your AC or heat to low, medium, or high. You can also set your temperature to very cold, cool, warm, or hot. This is similar to variable-speed HVAC systems. You can control them automatically by your thermostat and can save money on your cooling bills. Your AC and heater will produce the right amount of cooling / heating and will better manage your humidity.

These features alone are enough to consider them but there’s another big selling point: The lack of ducts. Instead, ductless heating and cooling systems work by having a small receiver in different zones within your home, while a larger compressor is located inside. Getting rid of ducts can further reduce your utility bills because you’ll no longer experience the heat loss you do when you’re forced to cool ducts that aren’t even being used for anything but moving air from one spot to another.

Do you have questions about these or other heating and cooling options? AC-World has the experience to help you assess your needs and find the right solution. We work with some of the most innovative options in the country but we understand that there isn’t a one-size fits all solution for anyone. Reach out to us today and we’ll help you get all the information you need to make the most informed decision.