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Save Money on Air Conditioning with These Tips

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dollar-943737-1920.jpgNo one wants to spend more than they need to on air conditioning costs yet you do want to stay cool and comfortable. An interesting article in U.S. News & World Report titled 7 Ways to Cut Summer Air Conditioning Costs lays out some interesting ideas that could save you bundles this summer.

  1. 1.Use Fans. “If possible, install ceiling fans in the most-used rooms of your house. Ceiling fans help the cool air circulate in rooms, easing the strain on your air conditioner. If installing ceiling fans isn’t an option, try using traditional box fans.”
  2. 2.Spend More Time in the Basement. “If you’ve got a finished basement, you can save on AC costs by keeping the thermostat set a little higher and spending more time in the basement. On extra warm nights you may even consider sleeping in the basement on occasion, if possible.
  3. 3.Avoid Using the Oven. “Crockpots, countertop toaster ovens and microwaves are all great alternatives during the summer months. The oven gives off a lot of heat that can permeate the entire main level of the house, which means your air conditioner needs to work harder to keep things cool.
  4. 4.Plant Trees or Shrubs. “Trees and shrubs strategically placed around the yard can guard your home from the sun and help keep your house cooler naturally.”
  5. 5.Cover Your Windows. “Thick draperies, window shades and solar screens all help keep heat out of your house during the day, meaning your AC unit won’t have to work at max capacity to cool your home. Although window coverings such as solar screens can be expensive at the outset, they’ll pay for themselves quickly in lower summer energy bills as you find yourself using he AC less often.”
  6. 6.Adjust Your Thermostat. “Most experts agree that setting the thermostat for your central air unit at 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the day will both keep you comfortable while keeping energy costs low.”
  7. 7.Keep Your AC Unit Maintained. “Dirty filters and fans mean more strain on your AC unit, less effective functioning and, in turn, higher energy and maintenance costs for the unit. Experts recommend a once-a-year checkup by an authorized heating and air conditioning professional to ensure your air conditioner is clean and running properly.”

At AC World we agree with several of these tips but we believe they left off one very important one: installing a ductless air conditioner. We can help you find the option that will best help you stay cool while reducing your air conditioning costs.