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Mini-Split AC Units Rocketing from 3rd to 1st

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split-ac.jpgJust a few years ago, when consumers thought about air conditioning they likely thought of traditional out-side the home units first, portable window units second, and mini-split ductless systems third. Today those numbers are changing and mini-split systems are finally getting the recognition they deserve. An article titled Know Your Options For Home Cooling Systems lays out the simple reasons for this boost in popularity.

They can save you up to 25% on utility bills

Since mini-split systems allow you to control temperatures in individual rooms instead of your entire house, you can both save a considerable amount of energy – up to 25% - and you can maximize the comfort in any given room.

Mini-split systems take up less room and are more attractive

According to the article, “Compared to window units, mini-split systems are more attractive, quieter and more energy efficient. Plus they're set higher on the wall or ceiling, freeing up living space. Central air systems require expensive, intrusive ductwork and they're not scalable, so they can't be easily extended to previously unfinished living spaces such as attics, basements or three-season rooms. Mini-splits don't require complex, expensive ductwork and can be installed to cool and heat newly converted spaces.”

Mini split units can provide both heating and cooling

The article further goes on to say, “Mini-split system compressors are outside the house but there's no need for a basement or attic evaporator unit, thanks to thin copper tubing that pumps refrigerant directly to discreet evaporators inside. In cold weather, the same unit works in reverse, absorbing heat from the outside air and moving it indoors. The result is efficient cooling and heating for year-round, whole-house comfort.”

You have many options

Mini split systems are not a one-size-fits-all situation. In fact, the article states, “Mini-split systems come in all shapes and sizes for a refreshing amount of choice. Wall-mounted systems rest well above eye-level, while floor-mounted systems, with their compact size, are excellent for residential radiator replacements or any room with limited upper wall space, such as a kitchen or sunroom. Slim duct systems are ideal for homeowners who want units completely out of sight, since they're concealed in a ceiling or framed enclosure below a ceiling.”

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