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Learn How to Save Up to 30 Percent on Your Cooling Costs

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cooling costs Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make a single investment and save up to 30% on your cooling costs? After all, with temperatures rising and the cost of electricity rising right along with them, even small savings can add up over time. According to an article in the Ahwatukee Foothill News, there are numerous ways you can save money on energy. The article is titled Learn the lingo to greening your home .

Invest in double-pane windows

Double-pane windows include two glass panes that have a very thin layer of glass between them. This thin glass in the middle acts as insulation to prevent heating or cooling loss. In fact, according to the United States Department of Energy, cooling and heating is one of the biggest expenses we have as far as energy is concerned. Most homeowners use about half their energy to cool and heat their home.

Double-pane windows can save you significantly on your cooling bills but they generally cost between $500 and $1000 a piece, and you’ll need to replace them all to ensure you get the benefits.

Invest in a greywater system

They’re also known by the name “laundry to landscape” and brand names like Shower Spring. Greywater systems take the water from your laundry, showers, or baths and reuses it to irrigate your yard. The laws on this technology aren’t the same in every state. Some states that are dealing with droughts, like California, encourage it, while other states have banned it. You’ll need to look closely at your local laws before making the investment.

Invest in only native plants

You may love plants from around the world but when you plant greens that aren’t from your region, they often require additional water and fertilizer. Planting native plants can save you water and can also boost your local ecosystem. Important pollinators like butterflies and bees have a preference for native plants. Believe it or not, eco-friendly lawns are possible. Just pick native grasses and you’ll have a lawn that looks more meadow-like than golf course-like, but it’ll be more eco-friendly.

Invest in Ductless heating and cooling

Traditional AC units use ducts that force cool air throughout your home. The problem is that up to 20% of your cool air can be lost when it’s moving through your ducts. Mini splits, otherwise known as ductless units, transfer the energy through cables to emit cooled air. AC World has a wide range of ductless units that can help you save up to 30% on your energy costs. Are you ready to learn more? Get in touch with us and let us walk you through your options.