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Learn About the Advantages of Mini Split ACs with Heat Pumps

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fall weather Fall is here and winter is quickly approaching. Do you have a solution for a cold and drafty home? Do you live in an older home and wish that you could retrofit an A/C and a powerful heater? AC World offers a wide variety of mini split ACs with heat pumps that give you all that and more. Read on to learn more about their advantages and then reach out to AC World for more information.

Small size and flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of mini split systems is that they’re smell and they’re very flexible. You can zone them to just heat or cool individual rooms. Our models can have as many as four handling units indoors, which means you have four different zones you can handle individually. Of course, most buyers don’t need four interior units. It all depends on the level of heating and / or cooling you need, which is in turn affected by insulating, air sealing, and more.

Regardless, each zone you have will have a thermostat of its own so you’ll only need to heat or cool areas you’re actually using. This can lead to a significant savings in utility costs.

Installation is easier than with other options

Mini split systems are much simpler to install than other options, like central air conditioning. All you need to hook up the interior and exterior units is a three inch hole through the wall. You can get a wide range of lengths of conduits, which enables you to install the exterior unit almost anywhere. In fact, you can install your exterior unit as far as 50 feet away from your interior unit.

You don’t have the energy loss you experience with ducts

If you’re using a central air conditioning unit then you’re washing as much as 30% of the energy you’re using. Why? Because of ductwork. It could be even higher if your ducts are somewhere like an attic that’s unconditioned. With mini split, there’s no duct work – which means no heat or cooling loss.

There are safety advantages to using a mini split system

If you’re using a window air conditioner, consider how much of a security risk it poses. If someone wanted access to your home, all they’d have to do is push the AC through your window and they could instantly get in. With a mini ductless system from AC World, this concern is a thing of the past.