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How Many Years Will a Central Air Conditioning System Work?

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perspiration If your home has been equipped with a central AC system for as long as you remember, then you may be starting to wonder: How many years will a central AC system work? These units aren’t made to last forever and often by the time you realize it’s on its last leg, you’ll find yourself in an emergency situation. After all, who wants to try and replace their AC during the hottest months of the year? At AC World we’re here to provide some helpful info on how long you can expect the average central AC system to run.

How does age affect an air conditioner?

Many people wonder why age affects AC units at all. The truth is that, at its core, an AC is an electro-mechanical system. As with most any mechanical system, it will be constantly suffering wear while you’re operating it. While doing your regular maintenance can go a long way towards alleviating this stress, and changing parts when needed can elongate its life too, it won’t stop all deterioration.

At some point, the compressor will have taken all it can take. It will be in danger of breaking down. That’s the right time to replace your AC – though many people wait until it’s fully broke down.

How long can I expect an AC system to work

Different AC units have different lifespans, depending on how they’re constructed and how they’re used. However, the average central AC will last between ten and fifteen years. You can look on the side of your system to see the manufacturer’s estimate on how long your particular brand is expected to last. While it may work after this time, the chances of a breakdown are significantly higher.

If your system is 20+ years old then it’s time to replace it

There’s no reason to continue using a system that’s 20+ years old. At that point, you’re not getting good energy efficiency and it’s going to break down at any moment. If you’re considering replacing it with another central AC unit, take a moment to consider a ductless split AC system.

A ductless system can save you significantly on your utility bills, is virtually silent, and can be a game changer for people with allergies. For more information on switching out your system, contact AC-World today!