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Finishing Your Attic? Insulation and HVAC Options

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Turning your attic into a useable space is a great way to boost the square footage of your home. However, attics come with unique concerns – one of which is ensuring it’s a comfortable temperature. In winter, attics are much colder than the rest of the house. In summer, they’re much warmer. The good news is that two factors can ensure it’s as comfortable as possible: The right insulation and the right heating and cooling options.

How to tell if you need extra attic insulation

Many people don’t realize that one of the easiest ways to lower their utility bills is to ensure their attic is properly insulated – whether you plan to use the attic space or not. If you have a home that’s relatively new then your insulation level may be sufficient. However, if your home is older then it’s likely you need to add some insulation.

Generally speaking, if you’re able to see the top of the floor joists in your attic then your insulation layer isn’t thick enough. As you shop for insulation, look for thicker insulation and know that the higher the R-value is, the more energy efficient is. The R-value refers to how resistant it is to heat flow and heat loss.

Getting help with insulation

Depending on the type of insulation you choose, you can likely handle this aspect of your remodel on your own. However, at AC-World, we always recommend you turn to an expert for advice. This could be as simple as heading to your local home improvement store and asking for their advice. Once you decide what type of insulation to use, it should become fairly clear if it’s something you can handle on your own or if you need to call in the experts. If you’re hiring a contractor for major construction in your attic anyway, then they may simply roll the price of installing insulation into the project estimate.

Choosing the right HVAC system

Of course, all the insulation in the world won’t be much help if you don’t also have the right HVAC system. At AC-World, we offer a range of single-zone ductless split AC systems , some with heat pumps, that can keep your attic at a comfortable temperature all year long – without adding ductwork. To learn more about this option, reach out to the experienced professionals at AC-World. We’ll help you find the perfect option for your home.