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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners Are the Perfect Gift for New Parents

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baby new parents It’s hard to find the right gift for a new parent but at AC-World we’re always pushing the many advantages of mini split air conditioners. While this may seem like a non-traditional gift to give, it’s a great choice for parents who don’t have an AC solution or those with window or portable air conditioners.

The many reasons new parents need air conditioning

When you think of the first year of being a parent, one of the biggest challenges that likely comes to mind is a baby’s inability to sleep through the night. This can be extremely trying on new parents. One of the best ways to ensure babies get enough sleep is to provide a comfortable environment for them. This includes blackout curtains to provide darkness even during the day, a noise machine that can provide constant, comforting noise, and air conditioning to keep the room at a constant, comfortable temperature.

Window air conditioners are simply not the right solution

For families living in homes that don’t have central AC installed, a window air conditioner may seem like a great choice. The truth is that there are two main reasons that these can be a very bad idea for families with children. First, they are a safety hazard. Remember that if the window is on the first floor that all a potential criminal has to do is push the air conditioner through the window and they have instant access to the home. This is not a comforting situation for any new parent.

Second, window air conditioners are extremely loud. Not only that, but they turn on and off as the room cools and then gets warm again. This noise is more than enough to keep a baby from going to sleep, and as it cycles on and off it can cause them to wake up over and over again.

Ductless mini split air conditioners are a better option

Luckily, there are ductless mini split air conditioners . They don’t provide access to the home the way a window air conditioner would, and they’re completely silent. They keep the room cool and comfortable without the safety concerns – or the sleep concerns – you’d see with other air conditioning types.

Another great advantage is that you can actually choose a dual-zone air conditioning system that allows you to set different temperatures in different rooms. For more information on all your options, contact AC-World today!