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Do You Need a Single Zone or Multi Zone Ductless Air Conditioner?

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ductless air conditioning If your home or office space doesn’t have the ductwork necessary for central air conditioning, or if you simply want to save money and avoid the costs of wasted energy associated with a central A/C unit, then a ductless mini-split unit may be the best choice for you. But do you need a single zone or multi zone system?

The best way to get an answer specific to your needs is to contact AC-World and let our experts assess your needs and provide customized recommendations. However, the following guide offers you general tips on the differences between the two and how to choose the right option for your needs.

The basics of a single zone ductless air conditioning unit

A single zone ductless split AC system is available in numerous styles and a variety of BTUs. For example, if you’re trying to cool an area that’s 350 square feet or less, a 9,000 BTU unit should work fine. On the other hand, if you have a space up to 540 square feet, then you may want a unit with 12,000 or 12,500 BTUs. With a single zone unit, you’d get a one-to-one system. That means you’d have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. This is a complete air conditioning system that may be perfect if you have a light commercial space to cool or a home that only needs one zone.

The basics of a multi zone ductless air conditioning unit

A multi zone DC inverter ductless split AC unit has a single outdoor unit but then has numerous indoor units. Having several indoor units means you can cover a larger area and it also means that you can just cool the rooms you need to be cooled. It’s often the choice for homeowners with a larger home who want to cool part of their home all the time but only need to cool other areas part of the year.

It’s also a top choice for homes where one area is constantly hotter than another. For example, an area of the home that gets direct sunlight will be warmer while an area that’s mostly shaded will be cooler. With central AC, you’re forced to either allow the warmer room to be warmer or cool that room effectively but end up with freezing cold rooms in the rest of the house. A multi zone unit allows you to specialize cooling into different zones.