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Creating Heating and Cooling Zones in Your Home Can Save You Big

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home improvement In a perfect world, you’d never pay a cent to heat or cool a room in your home that you weren’t using. Many people realize this but assume that heat and cooling loss is just a part of the system, that there’s no realistic way around it. At AC-World we’re here to tell you that you really can create custom zones so you only pay to heat or cool what you actually want heated or cooled.

Central heating and air are not set up for custom zones

It’s true that virtually any HVAC system can be set up for numerous zones but if you’re using a system that involves ductwork – which is all central air conditioners and forced heaters – then this system simply isn’t going to work as well for you. Why? Because you’ll have one of two options, neither of which is optimal.

Your first option is to close off vents to the rooms and areas you’re not using. While this will prevent most heated and / or cooled air from getting into those rooms, it won’t prevent your AC from heating and cooling air for those rooms. Treated air will still travel through the ductwork all the way to the vent. This is air that then has nowhere to go and serves no function. Essentially, you’re still heating and cooling air you’re not using – you’re just heating and cooling less of it.

The second option is to actually have several units installed in your home. This is prohibitively expensive with a central AC or forced heat system. The good news is that it is possible though – if you choose a ductless mini-split system. These systems have a compressor outside the home and then several units inside – one in each zone you want to cool. You only turn on the indoor units when you want to use them, which means you lose no treated air in ducts (because there are no ducts!) and you don’t have to pay to heat or cool a room you’re not using.

Is your home uniquely suited for zoning?

Some homes are more suited for zoned heating and cooling than others. For example, large homes should certainly have zoned cooling because it will save you significantly on your energy bills. No longer will you have to cool the entire house just to keep your living room in a comfortable temperature. Homes with guest rooms or other frequently-empty rooms or additions can also find a great return on their investment into these heating and cooling systems. Are you an ideal candidate? Contact AC-World for more information.