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Choose the Modern and Efficient Air Conditioning Option

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mini split ac Now is the perfect time to think about your air conditioning system. Is it ready for spring? Can it handle summer? If you’re looking for the most modern and efficient way to cool your home – and heat it – then you should be looking to ductless air conditioning systems .

There are many reasons people are turning to ductless air conditioning systems

In some cases, homeowners have a single room or addition in their home that they just can’t seem to cool as well as they can other rooms of the house. Other homeowners have window air conditioning units that are loud and inefficient – and they don’t even cool well. Thankfully, there are other options and AC-World is here to make sure you know about them.

Mini split units are the solution to problem rooms

If you have a room in your home, or a section, that is either way cooler than the rest of the house or stays much warmer than the rest of the house, then you’ve likely had to make some tough decisions in the past. Do you cool that room appropriately and then let the rest of the home stick at a temp that’s too high or too low?

The good news is that a mini split unit from AC-World lets you control a single room. They cool rooms or sections of your home individually and allow you to configure them for the exact needs of each room or section. They’re incredible versatile, they’re very effective, and they’re even more efficient than your typical central air conditioning.

There are several ways to use ductless systems

Some homeowners use a ductless air conditioning and heating system to supplement the unit they already have. This is often the case in homes where the main source of heating and cooling relies on propane or oil. In other cases, a ductless system is chosen when just one room needs air conditioning. For example, a sunroom, an addition to the home, or a finished basement.

Of course, you can also invest in a whole-home system that lets you perfect the temperature in each room. If you have questions about these or other heating and cooling options, don’t be afraid to reach out to AC-World. With our years of experience and passion for heating and cooling, we are here to help with all your needs.