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Are Your Allergies Getting Worse? Water May Be the Culprit

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allergies There are many reasons that people come to AC-World to upgrade their cooling and heating system – including their want to reduce allergens in their homes. A ducted air conditioning system can indeed increase allergens but it’s not the only thing that can. We want to ensure our customers are as healthy as possible, which is why we’re here to offer some alternative options for keeping allergies at bay – and they all revolve around water.

Take cool, short showers

Taking a shower can be one of the most relaxing ways to spend time but if you’re concerned that there are chemicals in your water causing allergies, then you’re going to want to keep your showers to a minimum – and avoid hot water. The longer you’re in the shower, the more you’re absorbing any chemicals in your water.

Stick with bottled water

If you are worried about your tap water then it makes sense to make sure that your drinking water is safe. You may want to turn to a water purifier, or you may want to simply buy bottled water. For many families, the right approach includes a combination of both options.

Choose organic fruits and veggies

Remember that your home isn’t the only place you’re exposed to chemically treated water. Your fruit and produce are likely covered in chemicals – unless you buy organic. Be sure that you wash all your produce with filtered water when you get home.

Don’t spend a ton of time in pools

A public pool need a lot of chlorine to keep bacteria. Anyone with serious allergies or asthma is going to want to limit their time spent in this chemically-filled pool. If you have a pool of your own, use non-chlorine options to treat your water, like bromine or ionization.

Fill your humidifier with distilled water

Boosting humidity can help people who have trouble breathing, but remember that you want to fill your humidifier with distilled water. If you use tap water, the minerals in it will eventually form deposits in your humidifier and can increase the growth of bacteria.

Remember that replacing your heating and air conditioning system with a ductless AC system is also a great way to reduce the allergens in your air. If you’re not sure about this option, or you have questions, reach out to AC-World. We have the expertise to let you know what your best options are.