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Answers to 5 FAQs About Ductless Air Conditioners

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split-ac.jpg More and more people are getting tuned in to the fact that ductless mini-split air conditioners are great options but they often still have questions. At AC-World we’re always happy to answer these questions for you but have compiled five of the most frequent answers for your convenience.

1. What exactly is a ductless mini-split air conditioner?

There are three main parts in this type of air conditioner:

  • 1.A condenser unit (installed in your home)
  • 2.An evaporator (installed in each room you’re cooling)
  • 3.A conduit that links the two units (installed outside)

A ductless air conditioner cools your home in much the same way as central A/C does but without the ductwork – which means no expensive installation and no heat / cooling loss.

2. What are the right situations to choose ductless air conditioning?

There are no ducts necessary for ductless air conditioners, which means they’re great if you already have central A/C in the entire house and just want to add cooling to a sun room, garage, or home addition, but they’re also great for the entire home. Unlike traditional central A/C, you can install a multi-zone unit that actually allows you to cool different areas of the home to different temperatures.

3. Are window air conditioning units the same thing?

It’s true that they can both be used to cool one room at a time without ductwork but that’s where the similarities end. A mini-split unit actually has the potential to cool up to four rooms with a single condenser unit, and they are much more energy efficient than window units.

4. Is it easy to install this system?

At AC-World we recommend you hire a professional for the wiring but much of the rest of the installation process can be completed by anyone with moderate to good handyperson skills.

5. What’s the cost of a mini-split AC?

The cost will depend on the size you choose, the type of unit and a host of other factors. The best way to find out how much your unit would cost is to poke around our website at AC-World or contact us directly for a quote. As you’re comparing costs, remember that the energy savings using a ductless system can be significant and the fact that you don’t have to install – or maintain – ductwork is another significant cost savings.