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An Easier Way to Cool Your Home or Business

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northeastern-university-air-conditioner.jpgWhen many people think of air conditioners, they think of expensive but necessary units that require maintenance every year. In fact, you can read a recent article titled Wait! Follow these steps before turning on your air conditioning to see all the costly and time-consuming steps required every year before you can start cooling your home. Let’s review these steps and then stick around while we show you a better way.

  1. Remove the cover from the outdoor air conditioning unit. Then, remove all overgrown grass, tree branches and other debris from around the unit. The air conditioning unit needs a clear pathway to receive air.
  2. Check the air filter. A clogged up air filter will block any air from circulating inside the house. Air filters vary in size and price. But, typically, filters can be purchased at home improvement stores for between $6 and $12. Air filters should be changed every couple of months.
  3. After clearing the debris, inspecting the lines and checking the air filter, you can turn on the air conditioning. If the system doesn't turn on, check the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker isn't working properly, call a service company. If the system does turn on, Huepenbecker said you should let the system run for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Go around the house to make sure that the supply and return vents are not blocked throughout the house. Check each room to make sure cold air is coming out. Make sure duct vents are not open in the basement. Many homeowners do not want to waste supplying the already cold basements with air conditioning. Open basement duct vents can also have an impact on the amount of air reaching the above floors.
  5. Consider signing up for a maintenance contract, which brings an HVAC expert into your home to check your systems.

As you can see from this five-step checklist, maintaining a traditional air conditioning unit can be time consuming and expensive. The good news is that there is another way. AC World offers many different cooling solutions from portable ductless mini split air conditioners to multi-zone ductless AC systems . Consult with us today to get expert advice on which unit is best for your home or business.