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8 Factors to Consider When Buying a Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner

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PTAC Are you in the market for a packaged terminal air conditioner, otherwise known as a PTAC? AC-World is here to help! We offer several options but we know that there is no one-sized option that fits all needs. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy list to help you select the right option for your needs.

1. Cost

First and foremost, you need a PTAC that’s within your budget. You should expect to pay anywhere from $500 - $1,500, but remember that the higher the price the more power you’re likely to get. As you’re comparing prices, make sure you’re choosing a unit that includes all the accessories you need, or calculate those costs in when you make your final comparison.

2. Installation

There are a lot of advantages to PTAC, including the fact that they’re simple to install. Don’t choose a unit that has unnecessary steps.

3. Power

In order to find the right power, you’ll need to consider the BTU, which is essentially a measure of how much power an A/C has. On average, you’d want to find about 10,000 – 14,000 BTUs for a room that was between 450 square feet and 700 square feet. If you have questions about the right BTU for your room, contact AC-World right away.

4. Energy

How much energy an air conditioner uses is an important factor to consider. Mini-split air conditioners can be another great option if energy efficiency is your top priority.

5. Noise

There’s no way around it: An air conditioner can get loud. You should expect some sound – after all, it is an electrical appliance – but you don’t want one that’s so loud it’s going to keep you up all night.

6. Size

If you already have a PTAC and are replacing it, then you want a new one that’s the same size. If you’re installing a new one, then you’ll have more flexibility but still want to look at the spot you’re going to put it and make sure to settle on an option that will work within that space.

7. Electrical requirements

Once again, if you’re replacing a unit then you likely want a new one with the same voltage and plug as the one you’re replacing.

8. Durability

You can’t tell how durable an air conditioner is just by looking at it, but you can work with a company like AC-World that offers warranties on all our products.