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5 Ways to Keep Your Home Toasty Without Turning on the Heater

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winter home With the cost of utilities rising for many people in the United States, finding ways to keep heating costs to a minimum is very important. At AC-World we have a number of ductless heating and cooling systems that can use significantly less power than a traditional forced air heating system. Here are five more ways you can keep your home warm this winter.

1. Invest in heavy curtains

You might be surprised by how much heat escapes your home via your windows – and how much cold air can get in. Reducing these issues is as simple as investing in some heavier curtains that will keep warm air inside where you want it.

2. Make sure your chimney isn’t costing you money

Fewer people use fireplaces than in decades past, yet many homes have fireplaces. If you have one that you don’t use, make sure that you’re not losing hot air out of it. You can buy a chimney balloon very affordably and it can completely shut off cold air from coming in your home.

3. Reduce drafts in your home

Most homes lose hot air out the bottom of their door, or through cracks in their windowsills. If you’re not sure where you’re losing hot air, then try this simple trick: Light a candle and hold it near any area you think may have a draft. If the light flickers from a breeze, then you have a draft. If it’s under your door, get a stopper that keeps it out. If it’s through your window, re-caulk them.

4. Get rugs for wood or tile floors

If your home has many wood or tile floors then you should also have many rugs. You can lose as much as 10% of your heat through a floor if it’s uninsulated. Not only will rugs help prevent heat from getting out of your home, but they’ll also keep your feet cozy and warm.

5. Don’t heat rooms you’re not using

One of the great things about multi-zone heating and cooling units from AC-World is that they actually allow you to cool some rooms but not others. For example, if you have a guest room that’s rarely in use, why heat it unless there’s someone staying in it? With a traditional forced air heating system, you’d have no choice but to heat all or none of your home. We give you options.