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5 Reasons to Consider Ductless Air Conditioning

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ductless air conditioning Whether you’re outfitting an older home with air conditioning or building a new home, it’s worth it to consider a ductless air conditioning unit over a standard central A/C unit. Not convinced? Check out these five reasons it may work better for you.

1. They’re so quiet you’ll hardly know they’re there

If you’ve ever lived in a home with central A/C then you know how loud they can be. Why turn up the volume on your TV or wear earplugs at night just to deal with the rattling and whoosing of an A/C unit? With a mini-split ductless air conditioning system, you’ll hardly hear it at all.

2. Their incredible energy efficiency could save you significant money every month

Why spend thousands of unnecessary dollars every year on utilities would you could save big by using a ductless air conditioner? There are actually several ways they can save you money. First, there’s no air loss traveling through ducts like there is with traditional A/C units. Second, you can set up several interior units , which allows you to cool to different temperatures in different rooms and to only cool rooms you’re actually using.

3. Installing and maintaining them is cheaper than central air conditioning

Not only is it cheaper to run a ductless system, but it’s cheaper to buy, install, and maintain them too. You can likely do most of the installation yourself – though you’ll need an electrician for the last few steps. The cost of the units can be as much as half the price of central A/C, and you don’t have expensive duct cleaning costs year after year.

4. They’re easier to install

Installation doesn’t require knocking out walls and patching holes in ceilings to add ducts. Instead, you simply need small holes near your ceiling to let your interior unit get the cool air from the exterior unit. Most people with modest to advanced home improvement skills can handle the majority of the installation process themselves and AC-World doesn’t void your warranty if you do a self-installation, unlike other ductless air conditioning companies.

5. They’re a great long-term solution

Whether you’re replacing your existing window units or central air conditioning, or you’re building a new home and need to find the most cost effective cooling solution, ductless air conditioning systems are an excellent choice. For more information, contact AC-World today!