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5 Reasons More and More People Are Choosing Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

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ductless air conditioning Ductless air conditioning systems have been popular in other parts of the world for over a decade, but it wasn’t until relatively recently that people in the U.S. started to get wise to the many advantages of this option. AC-World is here to provide you direct-from-the-manufacturer pricing and all the info you need. Here are five of the reasons people are increasingly turning to us for a ductless system.

1. The units are virtually silent

People with older HVAC systems know how aggravating it can be when they kick on. Yes, you want to stay comfortable in your own home but you don’t want to have to double the volume on your TV just to hear it. With a ductless AC unit, you’re getting a system that is as close to silent as you’re likely to get.

2. They see a drop in their utility bills

Compared to your standard central air conditioning system, a ductless system can use significantly less energy. As a result, homeowners and business owners often see a significant drop in their utility bills after installing a ductless air conditioning and heating system .

3. It’s much more affordable than installing central A/C

Not only is it typically more affordable to operate a ductless system, but it’s more affordable to install as well. In fact, when you work with AC-World you can save even more, thanks to the fact that we offer wholesale deals to individual consumers.

4. Installation is a breeze

A central AC unit takes a lot of money to install but it’s also a pain. You’ll need to hire HVAC professionals to install it and they’ll need to add duct work to your home. This is a significant renovation that can take weeks to complete. On the other hand, most people can do almost all of the installation themselves when they purchase a ductless system. They simply need to hire someone to handle a minimal amount of rewiring.

5. It’s a longer term solution than a window unit

Of course, not everyone who choose a ductless system is comparing it to the cost of installing central AC – they’re comparing it to buying a window unit. The truth is that window units are noisy, costly to run, and are only a temporary solution. Contact AC-World today to learn how you can transform the way you keep your home or business comfortable.