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4 Reasons Big Box Stores Are Not Your Best Bet for HVAC Systems

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HVAC Unit Many people assume that their local big box store is the best option for their HVAC system. After all, if they want to buy a new ductless air conditioning unit, surely the best place to do that is a place that sells every home improvement product you can think of and employs people who can answer your questions. It sounds great on the surface, but when you think about it a little more closely, it’s easy to see that big box stores are not the best spot to make your HVAC purchases. Here are four reasons why.

1. They don’t offer the expertise you think they do

The sad truth is that the neighborhood hardware store with experienced employees who know everything about home improvement projects and all the products they sell are simply a thing of the past. Today, the people who work at the big box stores are trained in two things: Customer service and upselling. They’re not there to answer your questions about which products are right for you.

2. They don’t specialize in what you need

If you want to buy a home, are you going to go to any old salesman and ask them to help you? Of course, not, you’re going to go to a realtor because they specialize in selling homes. The same principle extends to HVAC systems. Working with a company like AC-World that specializes in HVAC systems means that you can get answers to all your questions and will receive expert, specialized help as you narrow down your options.

3. They aren’t likely to have the best prices

Many people assume that shopping at big box stores is the best way to get the best prices but that isn’t always the case. Why? Because when you shop with a company like AC-World, you can work directly with the manufacturer. When you shop with a big box store, they’ve worked with the manufacturer to get the benefit of direct prices and then markup that price to ensure they make a profit.

4. You won’t get ongoing support

At AC-World, we offer warranties and assistance after your purchase. While big box retailers will have return polices and assistance as instructed by their corporate owners, the people you actually deal with don’t have a stake in it. At AC-World, we do. We are here to provide you with the excellence in service you need when making these decisions.