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Ramsond 55GW3 18000 BTU 17.6 Seer Ductless Mini Split AC + Heat Pump

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Ramsond Ductless Mini Split AC
Ramsond R55GW2 Ductless Mini Split AC

Ramsond R55GW2 Specifications
Ramsond Corporation introduces its ultra-efficient Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner System model 55GW3. This new 2010 18,000 BTU (with 18,000 BTU heat pump and now with ELECTRIC HEAT) model is equipped with Premium rotary compressor and pre-charged with the most advanced R410 refrigerant. This system is a perfect union of modern technology, efficiency, function and design It is not only super efficient (SEER 17.6) and super silent, but pleasing and neutral in appearance and styling. The interior unit's flat panel style blends perfectly with any interior design element. The perfect combination of function and design have made this highly advanced Ramsond system one of the most sought after systems among both HVAC and interior design professionals.

Ductless mini split air-conditioners are relatively new to North America. However, they are the most commonly used system of air conditioning throughout the rest of the world. Ductless systems are also referred to as 'zone systems.' Understandably, ductless split air conditioning systems are becoming more popular in homes and offices, even when they are equipped with advanced central air conditioning system. By providing zone cooling, Ramsond ductless split system air conditioners save energy, since only the rooms that are occupied and used need to be cooled/heated. Simply stated, they cool/heat the 'zone' or the area in which they are installed. They require no expensive ductwork installation. This is the reason that they are far more efficient than conventional air conditioners. You can turn on the system when you want to use the area/zone and when not in use, the system can be simply turned off, saving electricity and money. Operating costs are much lower than those of central systems that cool every room, whether or not the room is in use. So, with a ductless system you can control the temperature of a zone where it is located. Therefore, you have the benefit of cooling only the room that you want, while leaving the central AC system off.

Ductless mini split system air conditioners combine the zoning flexibility of a conventional room unit (a single air-conditioner installed through a wall or a window frame) with the whole-house cooling potential of central systems. Like central systems, they have two main components: a compressor/condenser (outdoor unit), as well as an air handling unit (indoor unit/evaporator), which contains an evaporator and a fan. All Ramsond models are also equipped with heat pump, providing both summer cooling and winter heating.

Heating and Cooling

The new Ramsond 55GW3 Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System, provides highly efficient and reliable cooling as well as heating for the winter. By setting the AC system in HEAT MODE, the heat pump is automatically activated. Heat-pump, by way of a reversing solenoid valve, reverses the flow of refrigerant and provides heating in the winter. Heat pumps are the most efficient mechanism of heating. However, heat pump split system are only operational to ambient temperature of 20 degree Fahrenheit. This means most heat pump systems will not produce heat at temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Ramsond air conditioners, however, utilize the most advanced heat-pump technology, combined with the best available refrigerant to increase the heating capacity of the heat pump. This means that Ramsond units will provide sufficient heat, via heat pump at temperatures as low as 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

The new 55GW3 ductless split system is additionally equipped with back up electrical heating. Electrical heating does not have the limitations associated with heat pump. Therefore, regardless of the outside temperature, the electrical heat will work. Therefore, with this back-up electrical heat system, you can provide sufficient heat, regardless of outside temperature. This unique feature, among others, sets Ramsond ductless air conditioning systems in a class on its own when compared with other systems currently available in the market.


There are two parts to a ductless systems. The indoor unit (evaporator) and the outdoor unit (condenser). The indoor unit is installed on the interior of an exterior facing wall. The installation is extremely simple. The indoor unit is equipped with a mounting bracket. This mounting bracket is secured to the wall and the indoor unit clips onto it; much like hanging a picture frame. The outdoor unit is typically placed on a flat surface outside. The indoor and the outdoor units are connected by a series of wires for power and communication. Once the indoor and outdoor units are connected, then the connecting pipes (Line Set) need to be attached between the indoor and the outdoor unit. There are 2 sets of connecting pipes; the 'suction line' and the 'liquid line.' These insulated connecting pipes are pre-flanged and need to be attached to the connections of the indoor and the outdoor unit.

Ramsond's innovative QUICK-INSTALL system has now made the installation of its new range of ductless mini split systems even simpler than before. The new QUICK-INSTALL system incorporates the following features:

  • Pre-wired indoor unit
  • Pre-wired outdoor unit
  • Quick-Connection terminals for the connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor unit
  • Pre-flared, flanged, insulated Line Sets (Connecting Pipes) - No need for welding or soldering
  • Pre-charged System (R410) - No need to charge the system
  • Complete installation kit and hardware (Rubber Pads, Pipes, Drain Hoses, Tape, Putty, Insulation, etc.)

With these features of the QUICK-INSTALL system, the installation time is cut in half because the indoor and the outdoor unit are pre-wired and equipped with a quick-connection terminal. The quick-connection terminals also eliminate many of the wiring mistakes during installation which lead to permanent damage to system. With the QUICK-INSTALLsystem it is now much easier and cheaper to install these units. Both the indoor and the outdoor units are pre-wired and equipped with quick-connection terminals. .

Ramsond R55GW2 Quick Install System

Includes 15 feet of insulated copper line-set connecting pipes

1/2" OD Gas
1/4" OD Liquid
(Pre-flared and pre-flanged)

Quick Connect Insulated Copper Line Set
4 Connection External Unit

Ramsond R55GW2 Technical Information

Heating and Cooling

Ramsond R55GW2 Features

Unmatched Quality and Components
Contains R410A Refridgerant
Contains R410A Refridgerant

Ramsond Ductless Mini Split Systems are simply the best systems presently in the market. The cutting edge quality of Ramsond ductless systems is simply unmatched. Quality is never compromised at Ramsond. Only the best quality and first-rate components, such as Premium compressors, and Activated Carbon filters are used in Ramsond products. All Ramsond ductless split air conditioners are pre-charged with certified R410A refrigerant. The R410A refrigerant is far more efficient than the typical R410A that is used in most air conditioning systems. It enables the high efficiency of the unit while preserving the ozone layer. This is another testament to Ramsond's dedication to environmentally friendly products.

Clean Air Filter

Multifold Evaporator

Integrated Advanced Air Filtration
and Heat Exchange System

All Ramsond ductless systems are equipped with two (2) anti-mold dust/particle filters, along with two (2) Activated Carbon filter cartridges. They are installed under the front panel cover of indoor unit. These filters are easily washable. They ensure a constant circulation of fresh, healthy and dust free air. Additionally, the blue colored hydrophilic aluminum foil in indoor unit are designed to stay free of water contamination, enhancing heat exchange efficiency and air quality.

Hydroponic Foil
Sleep Mode Function



Super Silent Operation and Sleep Mode Function

Ramsond ductless mini split air conditioning units are among the quietest (both indoor and outdoor unit) in the market. The indoor unit has a virtual silent operation. So silent that some of the world's most renowned recording studios utilize Ramsond ductless systems in their sound-rooms. Also, equipped with SLEEP MODE function, with the touch of a button, your Ramsond mini split system is set to automatically adjust the room temperature during your sleep.

Microprocessor Controlled Smart Operation

Ramsond ductless split air conditioners are equipped with highly advanced, state of the art, microprocessor controlled climate control system. Through this system, the environmental comfort is perfectly adjusted to your desired settings. The quality, flow and temperature is constantly monitored by the internal computer system of the unit to ensure optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

Smart Operation


Dual Oscillating Louvres

Multi-Dimensional Dual Oscillating Louvres Air Delivery Technology

Multidimensional oscillating dual louvers of Ramsond ductless systems ensure the uniform flow of air throughout the room. By selecting the 'SWING' feature on the wireless remote control, the louvers will continuously move in a uniform up/down movement to evenly spread the cool/hot air. They same feature would allow the louvers to be set in a stationary, single direction position which will focus the flow of air to a particular area of the room.

Superior Inner-Grooved Copper Tubing

The copper tubing of Ramsond ductless systems are grooved on the interior. This enables a much faster refrigerant flow, increasing the heat exchange coefficient and efficiency by 30-50% over the traditional smooth copper tubing.


Inner Groove Copper Tubing
What's Included

Ramsond ductless split air conditioners systems are the most complete systems available in the market. No other system in the market today comes with a such complete set of features and accessories. Each Ramsond model 55GW3 18,000 BTU Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioning System (with 18,000 BTU heat pump + Electric Heat) will be shipped as a complete package. It will include all of the following:

  1. Indoor Unit (Pre-wired with Quick Install Connection) - Includes Wall Mounting Bracket
  2. Outdoor Unit (Pre-wired with Quick Install Connection)
  3. Wireless digital remote control (with wall mount sleeve, hardware and batteries)
  4. 15 feet of insulated copper line-set connecting pipes - 3/8" Gas, 1/4" Liquid - (pre-flared and pre flanged)
  5. Set of 4 anti vibration pads (for outdoor unit)
  6. Drain Hose
  7. Low Voltage Quick Connect Style Wire (for Defrost Function)
  8. Main/Input Wiring Harness
  9. Installation Kit (Includes Wall sleeves and trim, tape, insulation putty and cover)
  10. Instruction and Installation Manual

Please see the photographs below for all included components.

Indoor Unit
Ramsond R55GW2 Ductless Mini Split AC
Outdoor Unit
Ramsond R55GW2 Comes With
Included Installation Kit and All Accessories
Ramsond Accessories
Shipping and Guarantee
When you purchase a Ramsond ductless air conditioning system, you can be assured that you will receive the most reliable and highest quality system available in market today. Furthermore, you will have the piece of mind of knowing that your investment is safe and guaranteed by a reputable company.All units are BRAND NEW (Not refurbished or reconditioned) System. We DO NOT sell used, refurbished or reconditioned systems. All items available IN STOCK for immediate delivery. Your order will be immediately processed and shipped from one of our warehousing facilities in US. Most orders are shipped within 1 business days and typically arrive within 2-7 business days from the date of purchase.
Technical Support
Customer Support
At Ramsond, customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. A dedicated and highly trained team of professional engineers, HVAC technicians and sales specialists are at your disposal for all your sales, service and installation questions. If you require technical support during at any time, even during installation, our knowledgeable staff of technicians can provide you with necessary guidance and direction. You may contact our technical support at (248) 363-8302 or via email at
Payment, Shipping & Contact Information

All orders are typically shipped from our warehouse within 1-2 business day from receipt of payment. Shipping method is via ground carrier. Transit times usually range from 2-7 business days, although longer transit times are possible.

Cards We Accept

Terms, Conditions and Warranty Information
Ramsond R55GW2 Ductless Mini Split AC


Other Details

Coverage Area:
Covers Up to 800 Square Feet
System Type Cool:
18000 BTU (1.5 Ton) Cooling
System Type Heat:
18000 BTU (1.5 Ton) Heating (Heat Pump)
Additional Heat Type:
220 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase
Compressor Type:
Premium Rotary Compressor
Super Efficiency SEER 17.6
Installation Type:
QUICK-INSTALL® fast installation system
Full Function Wireless Digital Remote
Display Type:
Intelligent Microprocessor Digital Display
Pre-charged (R410 A Refrigerant)
Line Set:
Free Line Set and Installation Kit ($350 Value)

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Product Reviews

  1. very good price and quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on June 19th, 2015

    everyone should have some of these . money saver

  2. Very Happy but Have a Couple of Comments 4 Star Review

    Posted by on June 18th, 2014

    If you need to order the 18' line set. be aware that the instructions might require addition of refrigerant over a certain length. Good news is that the line set can easily be cut down with simple copper tube cutter and re-flared with a standard flare tool.
    Get hold of a vacuum pump and manifold set to evacuate the system(under $200 online or borrow one. Be aware that manifold gauge sets even though they say 410a do not include the 1/4' to 5/16 flare adapter to fit the 410a utility port for evacuating the system.
    Make sure that you carefully inspect and clean all flare fittings prior to assembly. Even a small piece of dirt or defect in the flare will cause a leak.
    The interior unit is designed to run the fan all the time. Don't worry, the outside unit cycles as required and the inside unit takes very little energy to run. This actually helps reduce interior humidity and is typical of all the split systems that I looked at.
    Let it run a full day before worrying about how effective it is.
    Don't oversize or it will short cycle which isn't good for the outside unit and doesn't allow it to remove humidity.
    Would have given it 5 stars except for the installation instructions which seemed to be pieced together from conflicting sources. Had to get online and view competitors YouTube videos to finally understand.

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Product #: R55GW3 5 stars, based on 2 reviews