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24000 BTU (2 TON)

  • MIA NY
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  • The latest evolution in comfort and savings is finally here: the Ramsond GWi Series of Inverter Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners are the best solution for your climate control needs. Ductless mini split ACs can be installed in virtually any location, and with Ramsond's BRAND NEW state-of-the-art inverter-controlled power systems the Ramsond GWi Series provides extremely high efficiency (SEER 16.0 and above) cooling and dehumidification wherever you need it. Each system also has a powerful and flexible HEAT PUMP functionality built in, providing reliable supplemental heating in the colder months to keep you comfortable all year round.

Ramsond Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are one of the most powerful & flexible ways to efficiently cool a room. Each system has two parts: an indoor unit & an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mounted using a bracket - like a picture frame - on an exterior facing wall, then connected to the outdoor unit using a small hole drilled through the wall. Electricity for the entire air conditioner is supplied by connecting the Outdoor unit to a 15 Amp Breaker for the lower BTU systems, 20 Amp Breaker for the higher output (not supplied) then relaying power to the Indoor unit. This means you only need one power source for both components, along with one of the fastest setup-to-use installations for any type of AC available anywhere.
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  • RAMSOND GW SERIES 24000 BTU 230 V Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump 17.5 SEER + Included 16 FT Line Set Kit
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  • OLMO ALPIC ECO  16 SEER Single-Zone Mini Split 24000BTU / 230 Volts + 16FT Line set and Installation Kit Included
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  • Celiera 70GWX 24000 BTU 16.0 SEER Ductless Mini Split AC + Heat Pump
    $1,899.99 $1,499.99
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  • Ramsond 74GW3 24000 BTU 16.0 SEER Ductless Mini Split AC + Heat Pump
    $1,999.99 $1,579.00
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