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  • Amvent Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are a powerful & flexible way to efficiently cool a room. Each system has two parts: an indoor unit & an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is mounted using a bracket - like a picture frame - on an exterior facing wall, then connected to the outdoor unit using a small hole drilled through the wall. Electricity is supplied via a 20 Amp Breaker (not supplied) to the Outdoor unit. The indoor unit draws its power from the outdoor unit. QUICK-INSTALL SYSTEM - All Amvent systems use the QUICK-INSTALL system, making installation easy. The QUICK-INSTALL system features pre-wired indoor & outdoor units, Quick-Connection terminals for connecting the two units & pre-flared/pre-flanged insulated line sets (connecting pipes). There is no welding or soldering needed and no need to charge the system, since the system comes pre-charged with R410 refrigerant. Complete installation kit & hardware is included, plus a manual & installation instructions. Using the QUICK-INSTALL system, setup time is cut in half.
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Product Description

Quick-Install AMVENT A74GW2C-ELT
3M Filters

Quick-Install System

Model A74GW2C-ELT




24000 BTU COOL (2 Ton)

Coverage Area Up to 1200 Square Feet

220 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase

Pre-Charged with Refrigerant

High Efficiency

Free 9.85 Feet (3m) Line Set and Installation Kit ($250 value)


3M Filter
Multiple Operating Modes

Smart Display





AMVENT A74GW2C-ELT Specifications

AMVENT A74GW2C-ELT Wireless Remote

Amvent Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are equipped with highly advanced features and a variety of functions for comfort and durability. Some of the features and functions are listed below:


  • High Efficiency (SEER 13)
  • System Pre-charged with Refrigerant
  • Pre-Charged with R410A
  • Quick-Install System
  • Pre-Wired for For Installation Ease
  • Digital Wireless Remote
  • Smart LED Display
  • Super Quiet/Sleep Mode
  • Digital Self Diagnostic Process
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Dual Particle Air Filters
  • Full Installation Kit (Line Set Included)
  • Modern Flat Panel Design Indoor Unit
  • Cooling Function
  • Dehumidification (Dry) Function
  • Air Circulation Function
  • Automatic Climate Control Setting
  • Dual Louvers
  • Swinging/Oscillating Louvers Setting
  • Super Quiet/Sleep Mode
  • Digital Timer (Auto On/Off)
  • Auto Louvres
  • Anti-Corrosion Paint and Coating


Amvent Install Guide
There are two parts to a ductless mini split air conditioning system. The indoor unit (evaporator) and the outdoor unit (condenser). The indoor unit is installed on the interior of an exterior facing wall. The installation is extremely simple. The indoor unit is equipped with a mounting bracket (included). This mounting bracket is secured to the wall. A three inch hole is then drilled through wall and the connecting pipes and sires are passed through this hole. The indoor unit is then connected.The indoor unit then simply hangs on the bracket much like hanging a picture frame. The outdoor unit is typically placed on a flat surface outside. The indoor and the outdoor units are connected by a set of wires for power and communication. The indoor unit draws its power from the outdoor unit. You will need to supply the power to the outdoor unit. You will need a 20 Amp breaker. Once the indoor and outdoor units are connected, then the connecting pipes (Line Set) are attached. pre-flanged and pre-flared. The final step is to open the valves on the outdoor unit opened to release the refrigerant into the line sets.

Amvent Install Guide


All AmVent ductless mini split systems are equipped with the new QUICK-INSTALL system. This system makes the installation of the AmVent units extremely easy. The QUICK-INSTALL system incorporates the following features:

  • Pre-wired indoor unit
  • Pre-wired outdoor unit
  • Quick-Connection terminals for the connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor unit
  • Pre-flared, flanged, insulated Line Sets (Connecting Pipes) - No need for welding or soldering
  • Pre-charged System (R410) - No need to charge the system
  • Complete installation kit and hardware ( Pipes, Drain Hoses, Tape, Putty, Insulation, etc.)

With these features of the QUICK-INSTALL system, the installation time is cut in half because the indoor and the outdoor unit are pre-wired and equipped with a quick-connection terminals. The quick-connection terminals also eliminate many of the wiring mistakes during installation which lead to permanent damage to system. With the QUICK-INSTALLsystem it is now much easier and cheaper to install these units. Both the indoor and the outdoor units are pre-wired and equipped with quick-connection terminals.

Amvent System Connection Overview

Smart Display


All Amvent ductless systems are equipped with Smart LED Display. The Smart LED display is a state of the art data and monitoring portal for the system. The mode, function, temperature, timer are displayed continuously. Also, in case of system error, an error code will be displayed identifying the error.


Ductless mini split air-conditioners are relatively new to North America. However, they are the most commonly used system of air conditioning throughout the rest of the world. Ductless systems are also referred to as 'zone systems.' Understandably, ductless split air conditioning systems are becoming more popular in homes and offices, even when they are equipped with advanced central air conditioning system. By providing zone cooling, Amvent ductless split system air conditioners save energy, since only the rooms that are occupied and used need to be cooled. Simply stated, they cool the 'zone' or the area in which they are installed. They require no expensive ductwork installation. This is the reason that they are far more efficient than conventional air conditioners. You can turn on the system when you want to use the area/zone and when not in use, the system can be simply turned off, saving electricity and money. Operating costs are much lower than those of central systems that cool every room, whether or not the room is in use. So, with a ductless system you can control the temperature of a zone where it is located. Therefore, you have the benefit of cooling only the room that you want, while leaving the central AC system off.

Ductless mini split system air conditioners combine the zoning flexibility of a conventional room unit (a single air-conditioner installed through a wall or a window frame) with the whole-house cooling potential of central systems. Like central systems, they have two main components: a compressor/condenser (outdoor unit), as well as an air handling unit (indoor unit/evaporator), which contains an evaporator and a fan.


This page is for an AMVENT Model A74GW2C-ELT (24000 BTU) System. Each AmVent Model A74GW2C-ELT (24000 BTU Cooling) Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning System ships as complete package, with everything needed for installation. It includes the following:

  • Indoor Unit (Pre-Wired with 25 Feet of Quick-Install Wire - with Quick-Connect Terminal)
  • Outdoor Unit (Pre-Wired with Quick-Connect Terminal)
  • Wireless Full Function Digital Remote Control (Batteries Included)
  • 9.85 Feet (3m) of Line Set Connecting Pipe (Pre-flared and Pre-Flanged)
  • Complete Installation Kit, Wiring Harness, Drain Hose and Accessories
  • Instruction & Installation Manual
AMVENT A74GW2C-ELT Included Accessories
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Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority. A dedicated and highly trained team of professional engineers, HVAC technicians and sales specialists are at your disposal for all your sales, service and installation questions. If you require technical support at any time, even during installation, our knowledgeable staff of technicians can provide you with necessary guidance and direction. We stock all parts and accessories. You may contact our technical support at (248) 363-8302.
When you purchase an Amvent ductless air conditioning system, you can be assured that you will receive the most reliable and highest quality system available in market today. Furthermore, you will have the piece of mind of knowing that your investment is safe and guaranteed by a reputable company. All units are guaranteed to be BRAND NEW (Not refurbished or reconditioned). We DO NOT sell used, refurbished or reconditioned systems. All items available IN STOCK for immediate delivery. Your order will be immediately processed and shipped from one of our warehousing facilities in US. All orders are shipped within 1-2 business days via ground carrier of our choice and typically arrive within 2-7 business days from the date of purchase. We stock all parts and accessories for every unit we sell.

We are a Paypal verified merchant. We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. If you wish to pay for your order by credit card, or you need further information concerning our products, please contact us at (248) 363-8302.

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  Amvent Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Other Details

Coverage Area:
Covers Up to 1200 Square Feet
System Type:
24,000 BTU (2 Ton) Cooling
220 V / 60 Hz / Single Phase
Compressor Type:
Premium Rotary Compressor
Super Efficiency SEER 16
Installation Type:
QUICK-INSTALL® fast installation system
Full Function Wireless Digital Remote
Display Type:
Intelligent Microprocessor Digital Display
Pre-charged (R410 A Refrigerant)
Line Set:
Free Line Set and Installation Kit ($320 Value)

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